Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sundance and Back

     What a great jumpstart to 2010.  As if a New Year's hut trip with goofy friends getting a little giddy in the backcountry (and the addition of a more than friend maybe didn't hurt either) weren't enough to feel as though the Black Eyed Peas' annoying anthem about a good night might just fit for this entire year, follow it up immediately with a last-minute trip to Chicago to surprise your best friend, and then close out the month with 5 days of movie mayhem at Sundance (and the addition of a more than friend maybe didn't hurt here either) and its darn well solidified that its gonna be a good good year.  
     While the annual party at Chez Nitka to kickoff the Sundance Film Festival is my most anticipated weekend of the year, I feel satisfied that we did it up so well this year that I was actually ready to leave come Tuesday night!  8 movies (Doc Shorts, Shorts I, 7 Days, Hesher, Howl, Winter's Bone, Exit Through the Gift Shop, and Holy Rollers), 4 group dinners, 2 shvitzes, and one helluva dance party were enough to sideline me until 2011.  I don't usually add pics that aren't from work, but its hard to pass up the opportunity to show off the sassy little number from the Sundance party that I found for 50% off at Barney's Co-op in Chicago.  Love to shop those post New Year's sale racks!

Black silk Alexander Wang--wish I had a pic where you can see the amazing draped open back.  Turquoise necklace courtesy of my Mom's closet!
Jules and I had matching shoes and we didn't even plan it.  I guess its cause red is for dancing and thems just the facts:

In even better predictors of the months to come, going back to work after such an epic month of travel and fun hasn't cracked me!  Perhaps I needed to live it up a bit to be ready to settle back into the routine.  It was a wonderfully mundane weekend at home--late sleeps, long runs, lovely yoga.  Here's what class has been looking like:
Tuesday before leaving for the film fest


Thursday I flew, so I don't think I took a picture.  I was wearing brown boots, gray Zara blazer, multi colored pastel diamond pattern scarf, bluish-purple skinny Blanks, Robert Lee Morris belt with abstract gold buckle and white shirt.

Friday- Tuesday were days off!  No pics, see party pics above!


Alright, what does this week have in store?  First full week of work in a long time, I hope I don't crack and end up in elastic waist track pants with a matching pastel jacket by Friday!  Fingers crossed folks.

Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Doesn't Care About My Outfits, But Here I Go Anyway...

After all that time away, you'd think I'd have enlightening new insights or grand discoveries, but I feel like getting back into the turning cogs of day to day life is far to easy.  I will say this--I'm not happy about it.  I'm not happy about cogging along.  A long stay-cation had the impact of connecting me with many a thing that I have loved and seemingly lost (albeit temporarily) over the course of my teaching time.  For example, running.  When I first moved to Boulder, I ran incessantly.  I knew no one, so this was partly out of loneliness, but my desperation to get out of the house was how I learned this town so well.  There was never a route, I would just run until I got lost and/or tired and then I'd turn around and try to wind my way back to my house.  Everyday was a mini adventure--a new street, a new overlook, a new trail.  Simple, but satisfying.  I suppose one would say I found my stride again over break.  Long runs to pass the days.  Late sleeps to feel refreshed. Lots of coffee because I wasn't the one making it.  I don't know what this means exactly--perhaps the metaphor is that I want to take a break from the route again.  I like the feeling of each day being pathless.  Not purposeless, just pathless.... more to come on that when I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

In the meantime--here's last week:





Friday: (this picture is terrible--its a black Theory collared shirt dress with grey blazer and my beautiful Missoni multi colored silk scarf)