Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Write a Blog about it...

     Well, I tried.  Now that I've looked back at my whole school year through my own eyes, I'm a bit disappointed in my dwindled efforts at the end of this academic calendar.  Through the lens of my blog, my year was really not as dismal as I have felt for the past two weeks.  I guess my Grandma was right.  When I saw her two weeks ago she told me to keep a journal because it would help me put life into perspective.  This isn't exactly the "journal" my Grandma was thinking of, but I think her point is correct.  There were some highlights to this year that I have lost sight of in my angsty quarter life crisis drama of late.  The first annual Girls Outside hut trip, for example, was a massive success.  The whole process, actually, was an incredibly empowering experience.  Kelsey and I came up with the money, pulled of the logistics, and safely guided 11 girls into the mountains!!  I was reminded of the radness that we created when 2 of my girls appreciated me during our closing community circle this morning.  Its been a trying end of the year and I've felt like I teaching again in the fall would break me, but reading my own words has given a bit of perspective and makes me a little less terrified at the prospect of returning for year 4.  If year 4 comes to pass, the blog will have to be better!  Better pictures at the very least!  I plan on investing in a new digital toy for my trip to Italy anyhow, so two birds with one stone.  
     In other reflections, I've learned that I should stick to relationships with my shoes.  My Frye boots are as durable now as they were when I bought them this winter.  I forsee a long and fulfilling relationship with my Frye's.  My pink ballet flats have yet to disappoint--they still make me smile each day that I put them on.  It could be the Carrie Bradshaw talking (I watched Sex and the City the Movie last night)... I guess only time will tell.

      To be fair, I am missing some pics, but I do pinky swear, Girl Scout honor, that I did not repeat any outfits this year!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It turns out I own a lot of clothes...

Appalling really.  Its a terrible habit, but I can't imagine giving it up.  Forcing myself to wear different outfits everyday is not a challenge of resources but of motivation compounded by the added step of chronicling of my choices--double motivation.  I am likely the worst blogger on the face of the earth.  Perhaps saving myself from said title by my pesky habit of taking a picture of myself after work each day.  So, I have maintained the documentation of my outfits.  The depth of back-posting makes it difficult to recall my thought process on most of these days.  Fair to guess it was somewhere between exhaustion and exasperation.  The year isn't wrapping up poorly, but May really seems to be dragging her allegedly springy feet!  My collection of shorts and dresses have not received fair representation this final trimester--sad story.