Monday, February 8, 2010

Why do today what can get done tomorrow?

Last week was a 5 day week.  It probably doesn't garner much sympathy for the difficulties of teaching to whine about actually having to work 5 full days, so I'm not going to.  I rather enjoyed my 5 day week.  There has been a certain calm in my room now that winter break is significantly over our shoulders.  The kids are mellowed back into the routines, albeit not all good routines on their part....well, I suppose not all good on my part either.  I have maintained my grading delinquencies.  In fact, I am nearly ashamed of how far behind I am on grading at this very moment but I am still sitting in bed in sweatpants typing this and g-chatting across the frickin' globe instead of getting caught up.  The lesson, this is for you K and K (I know you're reading), is that teachers really only talk a big game about not procrastinating because they are the number one offenders.  Its really an ideal profession for procrastinators and bullshitters alike.  Heck, if you're a procrastinating bullshitter you are likely the best teacher ever.

Enough's the goods:

     I didn't take a pick, but I will when those clothes are clean cause it was a way cute outfit--white jeans, brown knee hight books, grey tank top, black French Connection grandpa cardy with the gold grommets.

That's all for now.  I'm shooting big with thoughts of morning yoga or a morning gym visit...we'll see how those aspirations pan out!