Sunday, November 28, 2010


Its true, I'm a sad excuse for a blogger. I hope that my lack of follow through and inability to commit to blogging is not an indication of other areas of my life...let's just let that one lie.

This week was Thanksgiving break and tonight's blog is brought to you by pre-first day back from vacation jitters. Granted I spent most of the week staying up past my bed time and sleeping in too late in the mornings, I prepped for tonight with a long run and yoga class. Even they are not enough to curb the nervous energy. Well, at least I am being productive with my should be sleeping time.  Things to do this week:
1. Figure out what the heck I am teaching this trimester. Due Monday.
2. Write about a million recommendation letters for all the Daniels Fund applicants--due Thursday.
3. Complete CU Boulder application. Due Wednesday.
4. Submit Hut Trip proposal for Board approval. Past due.
5. Write thank you notes for all the wonderful people who hosted my kids during Intensives last week (especially the yoga studio where one of my darlings decided thieving would add a lil' je ne sais quoi to our field trip.)
6. Study for GMAT. Due Saturday. Fuck.
7. Drive to Beaver Creek. Try not to get inappropriately drunk on Saturday night.
8. Ski.

I think I missed two days during Intensives.  They were both days when I wore jeans.  One day I wore blue and red flannel long gray grandpa sweater. I can't remember what I wore the other day... but I promise not to wear it again.  As previously inferred, I'm good at that.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Honk and Wave!

Ok, I'll admit it, I had little to no faith and I was wrong.  The bond finally passed this year!  After all those prior opportunities on the ballot, it finally passes in the worst political climate in years.  Go figure.  In two years my garage and windowless classrooms will be nothing more than a good story that kids will tell to impress their own kids "when I went to that school...I walked both ways uphill in the snow without shoes AND my classroom was a garage".  In its stead, a brand spankin' new facility made for learning!  Its really a shame that this years seniors won't get to enjoy it because many of them were truly inspiring in their efforts to make this happen--giving up Saturdays to walk door to door in the community to inform constituents.

Sadly, I also wonder if I will be there to appreciate an outcome that we've been waiting for since I started in the district.  The prospect of moving on to a new adventure is certainly bitter sweet.  More bitter than sweet right now as I continue to drown in GMAT math and struggle to find the time to write essays and fear that application fees alone will put me in the poor house.  Sigh.  Long to do list means short blogs!
 Tuesday--this flannel shirt is from the girls section at Target and they rule everything around me. I own 4 of them and its all I want to wear ever again.
 Wednesday--great vintage find in New Orleans.
 Thursday is missing.  Can't remember what it was but I know I wore my teal scarf.  Friday was Halloween.  I was dressed as Mr. Kelly, the math teacher on the 11/12 team.