Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spirit Week!

I never know what the hell dress day it is on Monday.  Apparently it was "Celebrity Day".  I think that's lame and I'm glad I didn't know well enough to dress for it.  The only celebrities worth dressing up as you can't pull of in dress code....Snookie for example. 
What Retro time period can I pull off with 5 minutes until I walk out the door to meet carpool??  60's obviously.  I'm from Boulder.  We like flowy tops and ethnic-y jewelry from all the many places we've traveled to feel as though we are not just a bunch of white yuppies.  It makes us feel cultured.  Besides, every hippie I've ever seen DEFINITELY wore Pucci.  
Jersey day.  I don't wear jerseys...not even to football games.  I haven't donned a jersey since I played high-school sports.  Eww.  No one looks cute in a jersey and all those girls who wear the pink versions of their boyfriends' favorite team and think it looks so super adorable are so super wrong.  Jerseys are heinous--even when pink. 
 Ranchero day=jeans.  That is all.
Black and silver day.  I will credit our district with choosing a super chic color combo.  Metallics are so hot right now.  Next weekend I will be sporting the old orange and black in Caxy pride at my 10 year high school reunion.  Holy fuck, its been ten years and I'm still getting dressed up for spirit week. At least  I can get drunk at next weekend's homecoming.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Talking the Talk

Learning shit is hard.  I have been taking a GMAT prep course every monday night since school started and it has humbled me.  I don't remember the basic equations of geometry, I can't multiply any times tables past 5, and, sadly (I am an English teacher after all), I can barely recognize the appropriate use of the simple past versus the past perfect when put on the spot.  While its doing an awful number on my self-esteem, feeling stupid for 3 hours a week is likely the best professional development I have ever received. 

If I don't end up with a respectable score on the GMAT, I will at least walk away from my study program feeling that I did not waste a grand so much as gained a thousand dollars worth of empathy.  One might argue that this is actually a priceless acquisition.  That is a nice sentiment, however, boundless empathy coupled with my already limitless patience will not a premiere MBA acceptance make.  These characteristics may make me a nice person and an above average teacher, but I think they also make me a chump.  I have been on a mission this year to de-chumpify my professional life.  Somehow my educational background (a BA from U of M Ann Arbor and an MA from CU Boulder) and my background in education (4 years in a Colorado public school), don't seem education-y enough, so I figured it was time to go back for another round--see if a few more letters behind my name won't finally erase those pesky insecurities always buzzing up in my head.  I'm still trying to piece together what exactly I feel is my future in business, but I can tell you that it has something to do with "sustainability"...yeah, how do you like that hot lingo?  With a vocabulary like that, I am definitely ready for business school.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Who would win in a fight between an elephant and a grizzly bear?

Its mid-term election season once again.  Yet another year of cold-calling and door-knocking to convince our lackluster constituents to give a shit about the kids in our district.  Its a phenomenal experience to watch an entire community fail again and again to pass a bond that would increase taxes by less than two bucks a month with the money going directly into their schools.  In a neighborhood on a downward housing trend, one would think that homeowners would grasp at anything to improve their property values--like brand new schools throughout the district--but after 3 years of watching ballot measures flat line, I am reluctant with my optimism that during my tenure we will resuscitate the lives of our ramshackle school buildings.  Last year, the bond didn't pass even with the added incentive of a 30 million dollar matching grant from the state that would've funded the building overhauls.  30 million dollars of free money!!!!!!!

"Hey, I'll trade you thirty million dollars for two dollars each month."
"Nah, its cool, I'll just keep my two dollars..."

WHAT?!?!?!  Its like turning down a Capri Sun or homemade chocolate chip cookies to keep your baby carrots!  Who would do that?  Nobody that I call friend.

Tuesday...backlighting is a bitch. Lesson learned.
Thursday.  Leggings are not jeans, woot woot!
Friday. Two inches? Uhhhhh-huh....

On friday I was most likely out of dress code and may have threatened to shank a couple of seniors.  I think these facts are irr-elephant to this week's theme: grizzly bears.  

Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer's Over.

     I didn't work on Friday as I was utilizing my first "personal" day of the year!  So, obviously the white linen pants had to get their last go before the long Labor Day weekend.  Of course, the weather is still lending itself to lightweight summer pants, but I'll standby the rule until its late time to break out the winter whites.  I love me some crisp white jeans contrasted with a rugged winter boot.  I could've used those boots in Michigan this weekend!  All I wanted was a last day to rock out in my bikini next to the lake, but it was 50 degrees and chronic downpour.  Instead of wrapping my self in cool Lake Michigan waves, I was wrapped in denim and blankets in front of the fireplace.  At least I was still able to wear my vintage stunner!
    Summer's over!