Monday, September 5, 2011

In my younger and more blogable years...

For the past four years, the first day of school has greeted me with an anxiety bear hug. It would take hold about the week before the looming return and I would find myself unable to sleep at night and consumed by worries of what was left to do to prepare for the madness.  I didn't feel that way this year.  The night before school started, I slept.  Last year, my stress level forced me to cancel a trip to Minnesota for a dear family friend's wedding.  This year, I enjoyed a carefree weekend in Steamboat tubing down the Yampa and returned to Boulder on Sunday afternoon in time for a Bloody Mary. 

I'm not sure what exactly has changed. It might be me. Perhaps I have come into my own with my job and have found a certain balance that can only come with years logged.  Perhaps my school has also started to come into its own.  My best guess would be some combination of the two making for an opening week cocktail that is not shaken but stirred.  With any luck, next year will be on the rocks. Here's to a smooth year. Cin cin. 



  1. Monday: Really cute.
    Wednesday: Katie-head, I can see your bra

  2. With age comes wisdom, and the ability to know that things will always work out, despite our best efforts to do otherwise. You make us very proud. Have a great year!